The PIP Story
PIP is impact project, which came into existence in a bid to solve a prevalent Educational and Environmental problem (goal 4 & 15 of the Sustainable Development Goal) in contemporary Nigeria, which bothers on the high rate of tree usage as raw materials in the production of books and an increase in the level of illiteracy due to low access to information and study materials. The latter can be seen as deforestation; which in turn affect the inhabitance of humans and other living things in the environment.
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Our Goal is to reduce the risk of children being uneducated and improve terrestrial ecosystems.
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Our Mission is to create a sustainable system that will provide access to information for primary and secondary school students and at same time, improve terrestrial ecosystem.
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  • 1. Distribution of free notebooks to schools across states.
  • 2. Provide access to relevant information needed for daily living.
  • 3. Planting of trees across communities and states to improve terrestrial ecosystem.
  • 4. Collaborate with other organizations with similar objectives towards achieving our goal.
Our Strategy
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