Street Food

Have you ever wondered about the source of the paper used in wrapping the suya you eat or the roasted corn you buy from the lady on your street?
Think about it!! Maybe that paper could be contaminated, which could be responsible for the frequent illness you experience. The Street-Food project aims to reduce health risks and environmental hazards by proposing uncontaminated paper as an alternative to local street food packaging instead of nylons. The use of nylons in packing hot meals could lead to some health implications, such as cancer, through the release of chemicals as a result of reactions between the hot food and the nylon.

Also, there are two major elements that are not eco-friendly because of their nature: nylon and plastic. Nylons and plastics are hydrocarbons and are the major causes of drainage blockage which leads to flooding in some areas., through its Impact Programmes (PIP), distributes clean wrapping paper and paper bags to street food sellers for free. With this, consumers of street foods are assured of the source of the paper used to wrap their meals.
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